Equipped For Success

Chief Prock Unveils Operational Plan

On October 10, Myrtle Beach Chief of Police Amy Prock unveiled a $5.8 million operational plan for public safety. This plan includes the addition of 70 new officers over seven years and takes the fluctuating […]

Our Men & Women In Uniform

CresCom Bank Thanks MBPD

As a token of appreciation, CresCom Bank served the Myrtle Beach Police Department breakfast in the wake of the recent robbery that resulted in two CresCom employees being killed. “We are humbled by the fact […]

Our Men & Women In Uniform

Myrtle Beach Swears in Nine New Police Officers

The Myrtle Beach Police Department swore in nine new officers on Friday . Chief Amy Prock encouraged the new officers to invest in themselves, the department and the Myrtle Beach community. She also said the […]

Justice Served

MBPD Reduces Number of One NC Gang In Half

Assistant Chief of the Mount Gilead, NC Police Department, Jason Hensley, estimated the gang involved in the June 18 shooting in Myrtle Beach to be part of a 15 member gang.  As reported here, “But thanks to […]

Justice Served

Justice Served Swiftly To Shooting Suspects

The swift reaction to last month’s downtown shooting has resulted in the arrest of five suspects, with the alleged shooter being held without bond and charged with six counts of attempted murder. Beyond the successful […]